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Katie and Dave’s Top 10 List Canadian Carbon-Era, 2017

Katie Sullivan from @IETA and I were asked to provide some remarks at the Ontario Cap and Trade Forum. We combined our thoughts and developed a Letterman top ten list. We identify major carbon policy themes we see at home and abroad. It was fun to assemble and more fun to present. Hope you enjoy.

The deck is here and video here. The list follows:

10. Fragmentation Nation

9. Ambitiously Incremental

8. Carbon Bridge & Linkage Rainbows

7. Tickle me ITMO – WTF’s an ITMO?

6. Instrument Co-Mingling

5. Align This!

4. Policy Packages & Packing on Policies

3. Take me to your stocktaking

2. To be, or not to be competitive?

1. Stroke of Pen Risk

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