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About EnviroEconomics 

EnviroEconomics provides innovative modelling and analytics to reveal the economic implications of environmental policy choices. We have an in-depth understanding of Canadian and international environmental policy issues, bridging political realities with sound economic theory.


We integrate environmental and economic outcomes to inform policy decisions. Our unique perspective links detailed analytics to broad-based policy narratives, because we recognize that good policy must tell a good story. And that requires insight. For this reason, we work with partners to align our analytics to reveal key messages that influence policy design and meet the demands of often complicated political realities.


We have solid economic methods. We are experts at economy-wide modelling, cost-benefit analysis, ecosystem goods and services valuations and applying economic impact models.


We communicate. We are as comfortable with numbers and data sets as we are in conversation and correspondence with stakeholders and executives.


We have thematic depth. Our deep thematic experience includes appied economics in clean energy and climate resilience; conservation and ecological goods and services; and water, air and waste.


We are a trusted partner. Because we recognize that economics is only one dimension of good policy, we collaborate and communicate to ensure the pieces of the puzzle fit together. 



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